Tour to the Nubian Museum and Kalabsha Temple

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Our Tour for Tour to the Nubian Museum and Kalabsha Temple

Overview: Go in a guided tour to Kalabsha Temple which is considered as one of the important Nubian monuments which were rescued from drowning after the High Dam establishment, and visit the Nubian Museum which displays the history of Nubia through the different eras.

Itinerary: At the morning, Egypt Best Vacation tour guide will pick you up from your hotel or Nile cruise in Aswan by air conditioned vehicle to visit Kalabsha Temple which is located 50 km south of Aswan on the west bank of the Nile river .

The Temple dates back to the Roman era and is dedicated to the Nubian God Mandoulis. It was originally constructed during the reign of Kings Thotmosis II and Amenhoptep II and renovated during the Roman conquest in Egypt during Emperor Augustus’s reign. it features many fine reliefs such as “a fine carving of Horus emerging from reeds on the inner curtain wall” of the temple.

Then, Moving on to witness the Nubian Museum which is established in 1997, and dedicated to the history of Nubia, the area that stretches from Aswan in the north through the Sudan in the south. The word (Nubia) is derived from the ancient Egyptian “Nbu” which means gold in reference to the famous gold mines in this area. This historical location of Nubia faced a sever challenge when the High Dam was built.

All the lands of Nubia were drowned with the river Nile water. However, there were serious efforts exerted by the UNESCO and the Egyptian government to save the treasures of Nubia that included a number of Pharonic temples such as Abu Simbel and Kalabsha temples.

The Museum displays the history, art and culture of Nubia. Exhibits are beautifully displayed in huge halls, where clearly written explanations take you from 4500 BC through to the present day. All exhibits resembling the Nubian character and its features during the different periods.

After that you will be picked up to your residence in Aswan.

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