Overnight Camping from Cairo at the White and Black Desert “Bahareya oasis” .

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Overnight Camping from Cairo at the White and Black Desert “Bahareya oasis” .

Take a Safari tour to the land of magic and dreams, The White desert when you will enter it , you will feel that you are on the surface of another planet. Camping there will be a gorgeous memory that you will remember forever..

Tour Includes

  • Licensed Egyptology English Speaking Tour Guide.
  • Air condition Vehicle ” for transportation from and to Cairo”
  • 4X4 Car for all Desert transfer
  • Main Entrance fees
  • Tax

 Tour Excludes

  • Any personal extras
  • Tipping
  • Any thing not mentioned

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Our Tour

At 7.00 am our Egypt Best Vacation  representative will pick you up in an air conditioned vehicle to go in “around 4hours” driving trip” about 360 km to Bahariya Oasis, we will stop in the middle of our way at a rest house for a little bit to get refreshed and have something to eat or drink, then we will proceed towards the oasis.

Upon arrival “around 11.30 am” we will change the vehicle by 4× 4 safari car and meet our local Bedouin guide who lead us to the main attractions of the desert starting with the Sand Dunes area where you will stop to take some photos above one of the Dunes which its height can reach up to 50 meters, then we will continue our way until we stop in the black desert territory where you will see a sandy mountain covered with black stones and minerals like coal and iron ,it’s called “El Marsos Mountain” . We will take some photos to the area which was created by the actions of the volcanoes which are dating back to the pre historic period, afternoon we will continue our way to “El Haiz village” where we will have lunch and take some rest. “Also you can buy some Bedouin handmade style souvenirs”.

Then “around 2.30 pm” we will get back to the vehicle to witness el “Agabat” area which consists of limestone hills and magnificent sculptures. Its name means “obstacles” as in ancient times it took 3 days to cross this area by camel Before the sunset we will head to the White Desert. Upon entering the area you will feel that you are walking on the moon surface as you will see the white sand looks like snow and the different limestone rocks all over the area resembling a variety of Human heads, chicken and Mushroom shapes, and plants forms. They were created by the act of the harsh wind in this area. You will stay in the area for a while to capture some photos and watch the sunset. The surface’s color of the area is changing with the change of the light of the day time from orange to ink to purple and during the moon light time you will feel that you are standing a snowy area as the scenery of white sand is so similar to the snow within this time. We will take some photos around the sunset time. Then we will get back to the Black Desert for camping. On our way back to the black desert we will stop at the place of the Crystal Mountain where you will see the mountain consisting of stones looking like glass and you will find mysterious inscriptions that worth to take some photos for it. Also you will find the tracks of the desert foxes on the sand which are living around this area.

Then we will go back to the Black Desert area where we will camp overnight

While the Bedouins prepare the Barbeque dinner, you will sit on an open air pavilion around a fire circle watching a magnificent scenery of the sky full of stars, observing the shooting stars and smoking hookah if you want. It’s scenery you will not forget forever.

After the dinner you will taste the great Bedouin tea, sitting for a while observing this magical area, then going to sleep in a tent overnight


Our Tour

Getting up before the sunrise, wandering around the area and taking photos from the summit of one of the dunes or mountains to the sunrise when the sun rises between the mountains which looks like volcanoes.

Then we will have breakfast and after that packing all our camping stuff in order to get ready to leave the area.

“Around 9.00 am” You will be picked up in the 4×4 Safari car towards one of the high mountains in the black desert which you can ascend to take some photos to the whole terrific area of the Black desert.

Then leaving this area and heading to one of the warm springs in Bahariya oasis .It’s called “Ein Mady” which is used in irrigation and you will see around it wide spaces planted with palm trees. And knowing how they planting the palm trees as the Bahariya oasis is considered one of the important centers in the world for producing the dates.

After that going back to the city where we change the 4×4 by our previous vehicle and then travelling back to Cairo, dropping off at the hotel before the sunset, and stay overnight in Cairo.

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